Moxa 4 stars (Artemisia Princeps Pampan)


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This purity grade 4-star moxa, from Artemisia Princeps Pampan, is produced in Japan by the family owned business Kobayashi-Rouho, in a small village high up in Shiga prefecture, at the foot of Mount Ibuki.
The tradition has continued since 1780.
The moxa that is offered to you is very fine and fragrant. It is soft to the touch, of a slight dark green color. It does not contain any residue from leaves or stems. It is produced without pesticides. It is kept for up to two years before being sold.
It is also suitable for many indirect moxibustion techniques. The heat is mild and the combustion fast. The ashes remain in place.

The moxa wool is sold in a 100g plastic pouch. In order to keep all its qualities, please transfer the wool in a paper bag or in a wooden box after purchase and keep it in a dry place.

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